The European MEN Alliance (EMENA) is an umbrella organisation formed in 2013 at a meeting in Munich, Germany.  The Alliance consists of equal representation from European patient groups who provide information and support services to patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN types 1, 2, 3 and 4) and from the expert multidisciplinary medical professionals who care for them.  On Monday 30th May, 2016, EMENA was formally established as a German non-profit organisation at a meeting in Munich (pictured below).  The following Executive Committee roles were agreed:

  • Petra Brügmann (Netzwerk für Hypophysen – und Nebennierenerkrankungen, Germany) – President
  • Jo Grey (AMEND, UK) – Vice President
  • Carla Pietermann (MEN Belangengroep, The Netherlands) – Secretary
  • Karl Philipp Drewitz (Germany) – Treasurer

    Etablishment Assembly 30/05/2016 in MunichDSC_0037

    Prof. Dr. Ludwig Schaaf, Volker Reiss, Prof. Dr. Josef Pichl, Dr. Manfred Reiss, Petra Brügmann, Jo Grey, Martina Sanmarco, Carla Pieterman, Karl-Philipp Drewitz, Helga Schmelzer, Christiane Fleischmann ( from left to right)


To improve the diagnosis, care and lives of patients affected by MEN

Aims & Objectives:

  • to encourage and assist the foundation and development of new patient groups
  • to establish a minimum set of standard guidelines regarding patient care
  • to provide, through member organisations, information medically approved by advisors and moral support to those affected by MEN, and their relatives
  • to work closely with medical professionals to promote awareness and understanding of MEN
  • to encourage global scientific collaboration to enable work-up of long-term morbidity and mortality


Current Membership:

FRANCE Dr Pierre Goudet

für Hypophysen – und Nebennierenerkrankungen e. V.

Prof. Ludwig Schaaf
ITALY Prof. Maria-Luisa Brandi

Prof. Francesco Tonelli

NETHERLANDS Prof.Dr. Gerlof Valk

Carla Pieterman


Prof. Rajesh Thakker

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